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Dr. Robert Higgins

Director of Ohio State’s Comprehensive Transplant Center

Director of Ohio State’s Division of Cardiac Surgery

Past President of United Network for Organ Sharing

Past President of the Society of Black Academic Surgeons

Came to Ohio State from Rush University in Chicago in 2010

Dr. Robert Higgins is a nationally renowned adult cardiac and transplant surgeon whose work in personalized transplant care at Ohio State is saving lives.

Like Dr. Higgins, the world’s best and brightest physicians and researchers are coming to Ohio State to create a new model for health care that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. We call it P4 Medicine.

What attracted me to Ohio State? Ohio State’s visionary leadership recognizes the value of investing in critical programs like heart and transplantation, and has given me and my colleagues the tools to save hundreds of lives, teach future generations of surgeons and physicians, and advance the quality of our care through lifesaving research.

How am I advancing personalized health care at Ohio State? From islet cell transplants for type 1 diabetes, to minimally invasive surgical techniques that reduce recovery times, to immunosuppression drugs that avoid complications with steroids, our team of dedicated transplant experts personalizes care to dramatically improve quality of life and even save lives. It’s a pretty awesome opportunity.

But for Ohio State... I would not have been able to have such a big impact on the lives of so many deserving patients. Ohio State is creating a powerful platform to improve health care and save lives, and I really feel privileged to be part of such a great team.

Ohio State’s reputation for excellence is drawing world-class talent to Columbus. We have attracted more than 215 experts in 2 years, and 87 percent of central Ohio’s Best Doctors are Ohio State faculty. Through their skill and dedication, we are delivering on our promise to improve people’s lives, and giving central Ohioans access to the very best care.