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Be a Partner in Your Care

Here’s how you can be a partner in your care:

  • Let us know if you or a family member has a concern about your care or if you have a new symptom or feel worse than you did the day before.

  • Clean hands are the best way to prevent the spread of infection. Make sure to keep your hands clean, and remind your visitors to do the same. You can also ask us to wash our hands, use alcohol-based hand rub or wear gloves before touching you.

  • Bring a complete and updated list of your medicines, including over-the-counter products, vitamins and herbal supplements you are taking. Also let us know if you have any allergies. This will help us make sure we don’t prescribe any medicines that could affect you negatively.

  • During your stay, you might be hooked up to equipment or taking medicines that make you unsteady. If you need to get out of bed, please ask us to help you. We will make sure you get out of bed safely and don’t trip or fall.
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has developed a list of questions to ask your care team based on your needs.

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