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Informed Consent/Policies

Informed Consent 

According to Ohio Law and hospital policy, physicians are responsible for obtaining informed consent. When physicians obtain proper informed consent, patients truly understand their plan of care. Following are links to the Medical Center's Informed Consent policies, the Informed Consent Forms and a list of surgical/medical procedures for which obtaining informed consent is required.

Informed Consent Policies

Policy for the Ross Heart Hospital, University Hospital and University Hospital East (78K)

Policy for The James (76K)

Summary of Changes to the Informed Consent Policies for University Hospital and The James - dated August 2007 (28K)

Informed Consent Forms

Ohio State's Health System (including University Hospital, Ross Heart Hospital and University Hospital East) and The James (30K)

Anesthesiology Informed Consent (35K)

Disclosure for Blood and Blood Product Transfusion (24K)

Septal Nasal Turbinate Surgery Informed Consent (297K)

Sinus Surgery Informed Consent (42K)

Surgical/Medical Procedures Requiring Informed Consent (25K)