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173 OSU Faculty Physicians Named 'Best Doctors'

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Posted: 12/21/2005

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The most recent list of “Best Doctors in America” includes 173 faculty members at The Ohio State University Medical Center. The list, which includes physicians in primary care fields and specialty areas such as cardiology, surgery and pediatrics, is considered to be one of the most recognized and credible tools available to consumers for selecting a physician.

The Ohio State doctors listed as Best Doctors in America are faculty members at one or more of the OSU-owned or affiliated hospitals.

The Best Doctors Inc. database for 2005 contains names of about 33,000 doctors in the United States, all who have been chosen through a peer-review process in which thousands of doctors have participated. Only physicians who earn the consensus support of their peers are included in the list.

Consumers can access “Best Doctors in America” at www.bestdoctors.com.

Below are the names of university faculty members included on the list, with their home ZIP Codes and specialties:

William Abraham, MD (43017) cardiology

Hugh Allen, MD (43081) pediatrics

James Allen, MD (43026) pulmonary diseases

Mark Arnold, MD (43235) general surgery

Sarah Artman, MD (43221) obstetrics & gynecology

Glen Aukerman, MD (43202) family medicine

Robert Bahnson, MD (43221) urology

Ian Baird, MD (43221) infectious diseases

Norman Baker, MD (43221) ophthalmology

William Barson, MD (43035) pediatrics

Deborah Bartholomew, MD (43017) obstetrics & gynecology

Rosalind Batley, MD (43026) physical medicine and rehabilitation

Mark Bechtel, MD (43082) dermatology

David Bell, MD (43065) obstetrics and gynecology

Philip Binkley, MD (43221) cardiology

Michael Blumenfeld, MD (43209) obstetrics & gynecology

Gary Bos, MD (43220) orthopedics

Michael Brady, MD (43220) pediatrics

Robert Bruce, MD (43017) ophthalmology

Ginny Bumgardner, MD (43235) transplant surgery

John Burns, MD (43065) ophthalmology

Charles A. Bush, MD (43065) cardiology

John Byrd, MD (43221) hematology/oncology

Kenneth Cahill, MD (43214) ophthalmology

Donna Caniano, MD (43206) surgery

Renee Caputo, MD (43004) obstetrics & gynecology

William E. Carson, MD (43026) surgical oncology

Samuel Cataland, MD (43221) endocrinology

David P. Chan, MD (43017) pediatrics

John Cheatham, MD (43215) pediatrics

Ennio Chiocca, MD (43065) neurological surgery

Albert Clairmont, MD (43235) physical medicine and rehabilitation

Samuel Colachis, MD (43220) physical medicine and rehabilitation

Christopher Copeland, MD (43220) obstetrics & gynecology

Larry Copeland, MD (43220) obstetrics & gynecology

Elliott Crouser, MD (43026) pulmonary diseases

Camilla Curren, MD (43229) internal medicine

Matthew Dangel, MD (43221) ophthalmology

Curt Daniels, MD (43221) cardiology

Frederick Davidorf, MD (43031) ophthalmology

John Terrance Davis, MD (43221) cardiothoracic surgery

Robert Derick, MD (43026) ophthalmology

Philip Diaz, MD (43221) pulmonary diseases

Jack Dingle, MD (43220) ophthalmology

Elmahdi Elkhammas, MD (43235) transplant surgery

E. Christopher Ellison, MD (43017) general surgery

Alice Epitropoulos, MD (43220) ophthalmology

Patrick Fahey, MD (43209) family medicine

William Farrar, MD (43220) surgical oncology

Timothy Feltes, MD (43220) pediatrics

Ronald M. Ferguson, MD (43054) transplant surgery

Joseph Fiala, MD (43085) pediatrics

Mary Fontana, MD (43220) cardiology

Jill Foster, MD (43065) ophthalmology

Jeffrey Fowler, MD (43209) obstetrics & gynecology

Theodore Fraker, MD (43054) cardiology

Donald Freidenberg, MD (43220) neurology

Miriam Laura Freimer, MD (43230) neurology

Barry Friedman, MD (43085) internal medicine

Mark Galantowicz, MD (43220) cardiothoracic surgery

Alfred L. Gest, MD (43209) pediatrics

Carol Greco, MD (43065) obstetrics & gynecology

Michael Grever, MD (43221) medical oncology and hematology

Garrie Haas, MD (43017) cardiovascular diseases

Lee Hebert, MD (43220) nephrology

Mitchell Henry, MD (43016) transplant surgery

Gail Herman, MD (43221) pediatrics

Geri Hewitt, MD (43085) obstetrics & gynecology

Robert P. Hoffman, MD (43081) pediatrics

Stephen Hoffmann, MD (43026) pulmonary diseases

Scott Holliday, MD (43206) internal medicine/pediatrics

Julianne Huefner, MD (43209) internal medicine

Jay Iams, MD (43221) obstetrics & gynecology

Rebecca Jackson, MD (43221) endocrinology

Sudarshan Jadcherla, MD (43054) pediatrics

Gerard Kakos, MD (43220) cardiothoracic surgery

Gary Katz, MD (43216) emergency medicine

Steven E. Katz, MD (43085) ophthalmology

Curtin Kelley, MD (43220) ophthalmology

Denis King, MD (43065) surgery

John Kissel, MD (43235) neurology

Douglas Knutson, MD (43206) family medicine

Stephen Koff, MD (43017) urology

Susan Koletar, MD (43212) infectious diseases

Albert Kolibash, MD (43065) cardiology

Carl Krantz, MD (43235) obstetrics & gynecology

Cynthia Kreger, MD (43209) internal medicine

James Lamb, MD (43220) internal medicine

Mark Landon, MD (43209) obstetrics & gynecology

L. Carol Laxson, MD (43221) ophthalmology

Carl Leier, MD (43085) cardiology

Diane LeMay, MD (43023) pediatrics

Richard Lembach, MD (43220) ophthalmology

Richard P. Lewis, MD (43065) cardiology

Anne Littleton, MD (43212) pediatrics

Warren Lo, MD (43220) neurology

Adolph Lombardi, MD (43054) orthopedic surgery

John Lombardo, MD (43220) family medicine

Charles Love, MD (43065) cardiology

Deborah Joanne Lynn, MD (43220) neurology

Ulysses Magalang, MD (43017) pulmonary

Raymond Magorien, MD (43221) cardiology

William Malarkey, MD (43017) endocrinology

Julie Mangino, MD (43220) infectious diseases

Clay Marsh, MD (43221) pulmonary diseases

John Mastronarde, MD (43201) pulmonary diseases

Velimir Matkovic, MD (43220) physical medicine and rehabilitation

Thomas Mauger, MD (43065) ophthalmology

Mary J. McCafferty, MD (43221) psychiatry

Richard McClead, MD (43230) neonatology

Mitchell Medow, MD (43209) internal medicine

W. Scott Melvin, MD (43221) general surgery

Jerry Mendell, MD (43235) neurology

James Menke, MD (43081) pediatrics

Randy R. Miller, MD (43082) pediatrics

Michelle Miller, MD (43147) physical medicine and rehabilitation

Alicia Moise, MD (43209) pediatrics

W. Jerry Mysiw, MD (43221) physical medicine and rehabilitation

Subir Nag, MD (43235) radiation oncology

Leif Nelin, MD (43221) neonatology

Herbert Newton, MD (43065) neurology

John Olsen, MD (43220) radiology

Richard O’Shaughnessy, MD (43220) obstetrics & gynecology

Michael Para, MD (43201) infectious diseases

John Paraskos, MD (43206) obstetrics & gynecology

William Pease, MD (43220) physical medicine and rehabilitation

Samuel Penza, MD (43065) hematology/oncology

Tom Pepper, MD (43026) addiction medicine

Amy Pope-Harmon, MD (43026) pulmonary

Dwight Powell, MD (43085) pediatrics

Scott Prenger, MD (43215) internal medicine

Kottil Rammohan, MD (43235) neurology

Gary Rea, MD (43220) neurological surgery

Chris Rhoades, MD (43221) hematology/oncology

Ann Rogers, MD (43016) pediatrics

Jo Ann Rohyans, MD (43209) pediatrics

Gerald Rosenberg, MD (43054) orthopedic surgery

Brad Rovin, MD (43221) internal medicine

Daniel Rowland, MD (43054) pediatrics

Robert Ruberg, MD (43230) plastic surgery

Paul David Ruff, MD (43130) cardiology

Frederick Ruymann, MD (43209) pediatrics

James M. Ryan, MD (43221) cardiology

Zarife Sahenk, MD (43202) neurology

Philip Samuels, MD (43085) obstetrics & gynecology

Radu Saveanu, MD (43212) psychiatry

Dwight Scarborough, MD (43017) dermatology

Stephen Schaal, MD (43221) cardiology

Douglas Scharre, MD (43017) neurology

Larry Schlesinger, MD (43065) infectious diseases

David Schuller, MD (43221) otolaryngology

Charles Shapiro, MD (43017) medical oncology and hematology

Ronald Siegle, MD (43235) otolaryngology

Andrew Slivka, MD (43235) neurology

William Smead, MD (43221) vascular surgery

Namita Sood, MD (43235) pulmonary diseases

John Stechschulte, MD (43220) ophthalmology

Steven Teich, MD (43054) surgery

Douglas Teske, MD (43220) pediatrics

John Teteris, MD (43220) obstetrics & gynecology

Wayne Trout, MD (43026) obstetrics & gynecology

Chang-Yong Tsao, MD (43230) pediatrics

L. Paige Turner, MD (43220) obstetrics & gynecology

Manuel Tzagournis, MD (43220) endocrinology

Peter Utrata, MD (43212) ophthalmology

Ray Wasielewski, MD (43054) orthopedics

Paul Weber, MD (43221) ophthalmology

Harrison Weed, MD (43221) internal medicine

Mary Jo Welker, MD (43054) family medicine

D. Bradley Welling, MD (43220) otolaryngology

Stephen Welty, MD (43054) pediatrics

Mark Wewers, MD (43221) pulmonary

James Young, MD (43054) psychiatry

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David Crawford
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