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Ohio State To Pioneer National Genome Study

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Posted: 9/29/2009

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Researchers at the Ohio State University Medical Center are partnering with one of the world’s most prestigious and leading biomedical research institutions, to provide personal genetic information to more than 100,000 people.

Ohio State’s Medical Center and the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, home of the world’s leading biobank resource for human cells and DNA, have officially announced their partnership in the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative (CPMC). The personalized genetics study will involve an integrated approach to recruiting and enrolling 2,000 study participants at Ohio State, free of charge.

OSU Medical Center is one of only five centers in the country participating in the project with Coriell. Other participants will be enrolled at Fox Chase Cancer Center, Cooper University Hospital, Virtua Health and Helix Health. Study participants will also include volunteers from the Camden, N.J. community, where Coriell is headquartered.

“Through this collaboration, we will provide the unique opportunity for our community to participate in this ground-breaking national study and move toward wellness-based care that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory,” says Dr. Clay Marsh, executive director of Ohio State’s Center for Personalized Health Care.

“We are very excited for this opportunity for Ohio State to partner with the Coriell Institute and to help support their precedent setting study,” adds Marsh.

The Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaboration brings together doctors, patients, geneticists, counselors and information technology experts to create a protected environment for participants to see and understand their personal genomic information, and allow them to make individualized decisions about their health care. This platform will also enable health care providers to utilize the genetic-based information of participants to develop tailored medical and therapeutic treatments.

“Coriell recognizes the Ohio State University Medical Center’s established leadership in personalized healthcare and how this offers a unique setting for the CPMC research study,” says Dr. Michael Christman, president and C.E.O of the Coriell Institute.

“We are committed to creating the future of medicine to improve people’s lives through personalized healthcare,” Marsh adds. “Partnerships like this one will allow us and our community to experience the future of medicine today.”

Coriell Institute for Medical Research is a non-profit, biomedical research institution and the world's leading biobank resource for human cells and DNA. Founded in 1953, the Coriell Institute conducts research on human genetic variation, mechanisms of cellular differentiation, and inherited genetic disorders. Visit http://cpmc.coriell.org for more information.


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