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 Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes

Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center offers several different classes to prepare you for labor and birthing and caring for you new baby.

Care Through Your Pregnancy Classes

  • Childbirth Education
    This class helps pre​pare you and your spouse/support person for the events of labor and birthing. You will participate in a comprehensive overview of the birth process including signs and stages of labor, relaxation and breathing techniques, pain management options and the birthing experience.

  • Marvelous Multiples
    Find yourself blessed with twins, triplets or more? OSU Maternity Center tailored this class to meet your unique situation. Join us for this three hour adventure to learn about making your pregnancy more comfortable, recognizing signs and stages of labor, preparing for births of multiples, bringing your babies home, managing daily routines, connecting with community resources and more!

  • Sibling Class
    A new member of any family significantly changes the "family dynamics." Steps to prepare potential brothers and sisters can smooth adjustments to those new dynamics. Siblings get to see the hospital, learn new skills like holding and diapering, and receive extra attention, as they get ready for a sibling's arrival.

Caring For Your Newborn Classes

  • Breastfeeding Basics
    Even Mother Nature can learn more. Take time during your pregnancy to learn more about the basics of feeding your baby the best of nutrition. Discuss with lactation consultants the what, where, when, why and how of breastfeeding in today's world. Because support from your spouse or support person is so helpful, we encourage them to attend along with you!

  • Baby Basics
    Now What?! Gain more confidence in caring for your soon-to-arrive newborn (or new grandchild) in this class that covers everything from diapering and bathing to choosing toys and creating a safe environment.

  • Infant and Pediatric CPR
    Take the time to learn this life-saving technique, taught by certified basic life support instructors. Performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) could prove invaluable for every parent, grandparent and childcare provider.

Class Location

OSU Thomas E. Rardin Family Practice
2231 North High Street
Columbus OH 43201

Register for a Class

To register for a class, or to enroll or schedule a maternity tour, call 614-293-5123, option 3. 

Now Available- Online Childbirth Class

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is offering a new online childbirth class for expectant families. The internet-based program is a convenient alternative for those who can’t attend an on-site class due to scheduling conflicts, time constraints, or health issues.

The user-friendly program guides expectant parents through quality, evidence-based information at their own pace. Families will learn about the stages of labor, comfort techniques, common medical procedures, including epidurals and cesareans, and newborn and postpartum care. Engaging videos, personal birth stories, 3D animations, games, and activities make learning easy and fun. Perfect for PC or Mac users, all that’s needed is internet access (high-speed is recommended).
Not sure if this class is for you? Try it for FREE! Click here to preview chapter 1 for free!

The cost for the online childbirth class is $80.00. Once registered, parents will receive an access code and additional information. This online program will be accessible to parents for 30 days following their initial login.

For more information or to register, contact Heidi Fernung @ 614-293-4599 or  Heidi.Fernung@osumc.edu​​​​

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