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Adrianne, age 70, of Belle Center, Ohio, has enjoyed gardening all her life. "It's like decorating outside," she says. "It's just really fun."

What wasn't enjoyable, however, was working around her incontinence.

"It started 10 years ago and progressively got worse."

The sound of rushing water and bending over to lift garden pots and tools often caused her to urinate uncontrollably.

"The last couple of years it really got bothersome," she says.

Adrianne's gynecologist referred her to Dr. Andrew Hundley at Ohio State's CamelotWomen's Health Center in Columbus. Dr. Hundley is an urogynecologist who specializes in female incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, a common condition where organs, such as the uterus, slip out of place.

In 2011, Adrianne had reconstructive surgery of her pelvic organs. She chose a minimally invasive robotic surgery and was pleased by an easy recovery and little scarring.

By having the procedure at Ohio State, Adrianne says she now has the freedom to do everyday activities without the cumbersome problem of "having to go to the bathroom all the time."

"It's really made a big difference for me."

For questions or to schedule an appointment with Ohio State's Camelot Women's Health call 614-442-2200.

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