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Bob, 73, had robotic heart surgery at Ohio State. His cardiologist discovered a probable blockage during his annual stress test, and a heart catheter later confirmed the blockage and showed that it was too large to be resolved by a stent. He needed bypass surgery.

Bob had suffered a stroke several years earlier while having surgery on a carotid artery, so his cardiologist recommended the less invasive and lower risk route of robotic heart surgery, either at Ohio State or at a hospital in New York. Bob decided to do some research to help him decide where to go.

After a quick online search, Bob learned that robotic heart surgery was pioneered at Ohio State. In fact, the first robotic bypass surgery in the U.S. using the da Vinci® system was performed at Ohio State in 1999, so they have been doing this longer than anyone in the country.

"It was pioneered here, so they’ve been doing it for about 10 years, so that made me feel comfortable." - Bob

Bob set up a consultation with Dr. Juan Crestanello, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Ross Heart Hospital. He was impressed when Dr. Crestanello went through all of his medical records to familiarize himself with Bob’s specific needs. Dr. Crestanello also explained the robotic surgery in detail, so Bob could feel comfortable knowing exactly how the procedure worked. Bob decided right then and there that Ohio State was where he wanted his surgery performed.

On the day of his surgery, the surgical team was ready when Bob arrived. He was pleased with how efficiently the staff worked together and how smoothly the process went.

"Everybody really was very helpful and very caring."

He was in the hospital for a total of three days, and he was able to take walks around the hospital by the second day. He was also touched that Dr. Crestanello visited him every day he was there to make sure he was recovering well.

"He was there every day. You’d think they’re so busy they don’t have time to see every patient every day, but apparently they do here."

Less than three months after his surgery, Bob was back to working out three times a week. His recovery has gone extremely well, and he only has the best things to say about his robotic surgery at Ohio State.

"My experience was excellent."