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Leadership Team

​Title Name Email Phone
Executive Director Kathi Kemper, MD, MPH jennifer.long@osumc.edu ​614-366-2366
​Administrative Assistant ​Jennifer Long jennifer.long@osumc.edu ​614-366-2366
​Associate Director for Administration ​Leslie Stump, MBA leslie.stump@osumc.edu ​614-366-3409
​Associate Director for Education ​In the process of recruiting
​Associate Director for Research ​Mary Fristad, PhD mary.fristad@osumc.edu 614-293-4572​
​Associate Director for Clinical Services ​In the process of recruiting
Associate Director for
Community Engagement
​Julie Roth, MBA julie.roth@osumc.edu ​614-685-4474
​Clerkship Director for Integrative Medicine ​Linda Chun, MD ​614-293-9777
Interim Medical Director,
OSU Integrative Medicine Clinic
​Ruslana Kurpita, MD ​614-293-9777
​OSU Integrative Medicine Clinic Manager John Ridgway, MBA john.ridgway@osumc.edu ​614-293-9777