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Integrative Health and Wellness Clinical Services

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Ohio State's Center for Integrative Health and Wellness (CIHW) offers comprehensive, patient-centered care to optimize your health and well-being. ​Research shows that integrative approaches optimize overall health, reduce pain, fatigue, and insomnia, improve mood, promote relaxation, and reduce the risk of chronic conditions. Our physicians and specially trained practitioners at the Integrative Medicine Clinic​​ (614-293-9777) and throughout the medical center blend complementary therapies and conventional treatments to provide a holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. The Clinic is located at 2000 Kenny Road, Columbus Ohio 43221. View driving directions. Integrative Health and Wellness Clinical Services include:

Acupuncture Integrative Women’s Health 
Ayurveda Massage​
Chiropractic Mind-Body
Guided Imagery Mindfulness Practices
Heart-Centered Practices ​Music Therapy
Integrative Cardiology Nutrition and Dietary Services
Integrative Medicine Clinic Relaxation Response
Integrative Neurology ​Yoga​
Integrative Oncology
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