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Education is the key to continually improving high quality, evidence-based integrative care. The Center for Integrative Health and Wellness provides a rich variety of educational opportunities in integrative health and wellness for all level

For Healthcare professionals

Herbs & Dietary Supplements Online Training
The Herbs and Dietary Supplements Across the Lifespan program offers 14 interactive modules featuring information on herbs and dietary supplements for health professionals. The unique curriculum includes valuable information on Safety, Women’s Health, Cold and Flu, Nutrient Deficiencies, Human Performance, Heart Health, Mental Health, and more.

CME credit and discounts are available. Visit herbs-supplements.osu.edu​ for more information or to register.

Mind-Body STREAM Online Training
Mind-Body Skills Training for Resilience, Effectiveness and Mindfulness offers 12 interactive modules for health professionals who want to become more resilient in the face of stress and more effective helping patients. The Mind-Body STREAM curriculum was developed by Dr. Kathi Kemper and an interprofessional team of faculty and trainees at OSU. It includes cases, the latest scientific research, opportunities for reflective practices, experiential tools, tips for treating patients and practical resources.

CME credit and discounts are available. Visit mind-bodyhealth.osu.edu​ for more information or to register.

Journal Club
Integrative healthcare professionals at OSU gather monthly to review relevant research topics and articles. The meeting takes places on the 4th Monday of each month at the Integrative Medicine Clinic (2000 Kenny Road).

More information on Journal Club >​

Integrative Medicine Training in Family Medicine Residency
Residents from Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Medicine-Pediatrics have the opportunity to elect a month-long rotation at the OSU Integrative Medicine Clinic. The rotation is competency based and covers integrative patient care, medical knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills, practice-based learning and professionalism.

More information on the Integrative Medicine Residency rotation >​​

For undergraduate students

OSU Undergraduate Minor on Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness
OSU undergraduates can obtain a minor in Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness. This minor was established by a committee of faculty and fostered in the first 10 years by Maryanna Klatt, PhD. It is housed in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences within the College of Medicine. The minor is designed to study the nature, meaning, possibilities and evidence of using integrative medicines with traditional medicine approaches to more fully enhance health care. Currently the minor is fostered by Crystal Dunlevy, PhD and Diane Habash, PhD.

More information on the Integrative Approach to Health and Wellness minor >

View a list Integrative Health-related classes at The Ohio State University >​

For medical students

Integrative Care in Lead, Serve, Inspire Curriculum
The Lead, Serve, Inspire (LSI) curriculum in Ohio State’s College of Medicine was developed to prepare tomorrow’s physicians to deliver the highest quality care to a diverse population of patients. The LSI curriculum fully integrates foundational and clinical science throughout the four-year medical school period. Integrative health and wellness topics have been interwoven into LSI from its inception, beginning with an introduction to Integrative Medicine module for all first-year medical students.

More information on Lead, Serve, Inspire >

Integrative Medicine Training Clerkship
Fourth-year medical students are able to elect a month-long intensive clerkship through the OSU Integrative Medicine Clinic. This elective includes a combination of shadowing OSU integrative practitioners, experiential learning, independent study, and self-reflection.

More information on the Integrative Medicine Clerkship >​

For everyone

Health Classes
The OSU Center for Integrative Health and Wellness offers public health classes to enhance quality of life. Qualified instructors offer a variety of classes that focus on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social well-being.

View class schedules and register online >

Become a CIHW Member
Members of the Center for Integrative Health and Wellness make up a network of individuals engaged in research, education, and clinical service initiatives to foster flourishing human health through complementary and alternative medicine. Membership is free and open to all. Benefits include collaboration opportunities with colleagues in integrative medicine, discounted access to online training, invitations to special events, awareness of funding opportunities, periodic discounts on classes and services, and more.

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