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Education is the key to continually improving high quality, evidence-based integrative care. The Ohio State University provides a rich variety of educational opportunities in integrative health and wellness for students at all levels.

Integrative health and wellness educational opportunities include:

We plan to provide online interprofessional health education about herbs and dietary supplements for continuing education credit. We also are developing the first integrative pediatric post-doctoral fellowship training program in the US.


Class Schedule

As of 2013, the following integrative health and wellness classes are being offered at Ohio State University.

Dept Class
AEDECON Global Business of Food
AEDECON Food Economics
AEDECON​ Problems and Policies in World Population, Food and Environment
ANIMSCI Diet, Nutrition and Cancer
ANTHROP The Global Food Crisis
ANTHROP Introduction to Medical Anthropology​
ANTHROP Biosocial Aspects of Health
ANTHROP Medical Anthropology: Global Perspectives on Women's Health​
ANTHROP Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Behavior
ANTHROP The Anthropology of Food: Culture, Society and Eating
ARCH Sustainability and the Built Environment
ARTSSCI Conversations on Morality, Politics and Society​
BIOLOGY The Biology of Hope and Belief​
CLASSICS Classical Background of Scientific Terminology
CLASSICS Medicine in the Ancient World
COMM​ Health Communication in Interpersonal Contexts
COMM Health Communication in Mass Mediated Contexts
COMM Communication and E-Health
COMM Science Communication​
COMM Health Communication in Interpersonal Settings
COMPSTD Issues of the Contemporary World: Global Studies of Science and Technology​
COMPSTD Science and Society
COMPSTD Medicine and the Humanities
COMPSTD Issues of the Contemporary World: Global Studies of Science and Technology
COMPSTD Technology, Science and Society​
DANCE Pilates Matwork​
DANCE Somatic Practices: Pilates Matwork
DANCE Somatic Practices: Pilates Reformer
DANCE Pilates Intrmd Ref 02
DANCE Floorwork
DANCE Somatic Practices: Yoga
DANCE The Alexander Technique
DANCE Experiencing Music Through Eurhythmics​
DANCE Pilates Mat I
DANCE Pilates Mat II
DANCE Pilates Reformer I
DANCE Pilates Reformer II​
DANCE Bartenieff Fundamentals
DANCE Alexander Technique
DANCE Floorwork
DANCE Kinesiology​​
EDUPAES Yoga in Depth 03
EDUPL Body-Mind Goes to School
EEOB Plants and People
EEOB Neurobiology
EEOB The Genetic Basis of Evolution​​​
FDCTE Pilates Matwork​
FDCTE Advanced Study in Nutrition: Diet, Nutrition and Cancer
FDCTE Global Health and Environmental Microbiology
FDSCTE​ Phytochemicals in Fruit and Vegetables to Improve Human Health​
HRS Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Autism Spectrum Disorder
HRS Evolving Art and Science of Medicine
HRS Nutrition for Fitness
HRS Interactions in Healthcare
HRS Death, Loss and Grief from Multiple Perspectives
HRS Role of Integrative Medicine in Society
HRS Prevention and Wellness in Aging for Health Professionals
HRS Ethical Issues
HRS Patient/Client Care
HTHRHSC The Evolving Art and Science of Medicine
HTHRHSC​ Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
HTHRHSC Nutrition for Fitness
HTHRHSC The Role of Integrative Medicine in Society
HTHRHSC Death, Loss and Grief in Multiple Perspectives
HUMNTR Advanced Studies: Diet, Nutrition and Cancer
HUMNTR Food in Different Cultures
HUMNTR Issues and Controversies in Nutrition
HUMNTR Nutrition and Chronic Disease
HUMNTR Medical Nutrition Therapy
HUMNTR Nutrition and Exercise
IBGP Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Stress-Associated Diseases in the Human
INTMED Translational Science: "Cancer Biology and Host/Pathogen Science"
INTSTDS​ Feast or Famine: The Global Business of Food
INTSTDS Problems and Policies in World Population, Food and Environment​
MEDCOLL Patient-Centered Medicine
MEDDIET Complementary Nutrition Therapy: Supplements and Herbs​
NURSING Conceptual Framework for Nurse-Midwifery Practice
NURSING Psychobiobehavioral Phenomena Underlying Determinants of Health Status
NURSING​ Psychosocial Mechanisms Underlying Determinants of Health Status
NURSPRCT Health Promotion in the Age of Personalized Healthcare
PHILOS Ethical Conflicts in Healthcare Research, Policy and Practice
PHILOS Introduction to Cognitive Science​
PHILOS Advanced Philosophy of Cognitive Science
PHILOS Advanced Philosophy of Science​
PSYCH Psychology of Extraordinary Beliefs
PSYCH Positive Psychology
PSYCH Basic Psychology: Perception
PSYCH Motivation and Action​
PSYCH Learning, Memory and Cognition
PSYCH Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYCH Psychology of Adjustment
PSYCH Social Psychology
PSYCH Psychology of Creativity
PSYCH Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYCH Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYCH Psychology of Emotions​
PSYCH Psychology of Personality
PSYCH Introduction to Cognitive Science
PSYCH Human Performance
PSYCH Biological Clocks and Behavior
PSYCH Psychology of Public Attitudes
PSYCH Psychology of Stress
PSYCH Preventing Disease and Promoting Health Through Behavioral Science
PSYCH Role of Behavior in Public Health​
SOCIOL Social Factors in Personality
SOCIOL Sociology of Health: Mental and Physical Dimensions
SOCIOL​ Medical Sociology
VCS Veterinary Integrative Medicine​