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Why Choose Ohio State?

The caring team at OSU Harding Behavioral Health can help you relieve the burden of your mental or behavioral health condition and assist you in moving forward to reach a better life.

Confidential, Personalized Care

As an Ohio State patient, your treatment will be confidential and your privacy will be respected. We offer Personalized Care – individualized treatments that take into account who you are, the difficulties you are facing and the best path to allow you to achieve your health goals.


Ohio State is central Ohio's only academic medical center. This means we have a comprehensive program of care and the experts on staff to meet all of your health needs – mental, behavioral and physical. You will have the support of an expert team of specialists that may include: psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, alcohol and drug counselors, therapists, social workers, educators and dietitians.


Ohio State has a history of success. We have been expertly caring for the needs of Ohioans for more than a century. Ohio State is nationally recognized for its patient care expertise. Talbot Hall, central Ohio’s longest-continuous provider of addiction medicine services, has helped thousands of people achieve and maintain sobriety.

Convenient Locations

You can find mental and behavioral health assessment and care at these convenient locations: