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My Loved One May Need Help

Does a loved one or someone in your care struggle with problems related to alcohol or drug abuse, anxiety, depression or moodiness, or another mental or behavioral condition? Do you have a relationship with a woman who seems to need mental or behavioral help as she cares for herself or child?

OSU Harding Behavioral Health care providers can help. Through the services at OSU Harding Hospital, Talbot Hall and Ohio State outpatient sites, we can provide you with confidential treatment in a caring environment that will help your loved one move forward to a more enjoyable, productive life.

Supporting a Person in Need

These supportive techniques may help the person you love take that first step toward better mental and behavioral health:

  • Be gentle and aware of your loved one's vulnerability. Talk about a time when you accepted help for a problem. Say "I love you."
  • Don't debate right and wrong. Instead, focus on a specific problem that your loved one acknowledges – such as sleep loss or lack of concentration.
  • Suggest that the person talk with a primary care doctor. A primary care doctor can diagnose depression, prescribe medication and refer to mental health specialists, if needed.
  • Ask to attend appointments and be a part of the team.
  • Visit a doctor or therapist to discuss your own need for support and problem solving.
  • Ask for help from others who love this person, including a sibling, parent, adult child or religious leader.
  • Leverage your relationship. Ask the person to get help for your sake.

Take Action

Here's what you can do to help:

  • Offer support now
  • Encourage the person to get mental or behavioral help from Ohio State by calling 614-293-9600
  • Be informed and practice good coping skills to help you and your loved one