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Clinical Trials & Research

The OSU Multiple Sclerosis Center is committed to providing the highest quality patient care, while performing basic, clinical and translational research with the ultimate goal of understanding disease and formulating better treatments.

OSU faculty collaborate from several departments on MS-related research projects including the departments of Radiology; Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics; Pathology and Neurology.

Among our numerous research efforts aimed at improving care for those with MS are:

  • Groundbreaking work imaging the central nervous system of patients with MS using our 8 Tesla MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
  • Identifying a gene marker to help predict the severity of MS to enable physicians determine a course of treatment
  • Examining the role of the body’s own immune system in MS development
  • Conducting clinical trials of medications that show promise in treatment patients with MS.

The Ohio State University Multiple Sclerosis Center is committed to improving the lives of MS patients through new treatments and innovative care. We continually initiate and participate in clinical trials in order to meet this goal. Through research, patients with MS can fight back against their disease and contribute to the advancement of MS care.

To determine if you or someone you know may be eligible to participate in one of our clinical trials, please contact Misty Regula and Erin Marshall​ at (614) 293-6486.