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Nervous System Services

Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center has the only comprehensive epilepsy program in central Ohio. The Medical Center has helped thousands of people with epilepsy, including many with previously uncontrollable seizures.

The Medical Center's epilepsy team includes board-certified neurologists and clinical neurophysiologists, neurosurgeons, nurse clinicians, registered EEG technologists, research associates, pharmacists and consulting clinical neuropsychologists. Advanced monitoring techniques, a full range of medication options–including investigative antiepileptic medications–and advanced surgical procedures comprise the medical care available through this program.

In most cases, patients must be referred to the program by their primary care provider or specialty care provider. Find an OSU Primary Care Network office close to you.

Department of Neurology

The OSU Department of Neurology provides a wide range of services for all varieties of neurological problems. Areas of specialty include: epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, disorders of higher cortical function, neuro-oncology, sleep disorders and neuromuscular disease such as muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Neurological Surgery

The Department of Neurological Surgery​ provides Inpatient and outpatient neurosurgical consultation on a 24-hour basis. A neurosurgical intensive care unit is available and the facilities allow comprehensive evaluation of all phases of neurological and neurosurgical disease. Complete angiography is available, including digital subtraction, two CT scanners and myleography. Consultation can be obtained by direct contact with faculty members, the outpatient clinic or the emergency department.

Sleep Disorders Center

The Sleep Disorders Center​ at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center provides evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for adults and children who have problems sleeping and waking. It was the first accredited, hospital-based sleep disorders center in central Ohio. It is staffed by physicians who are board- certified in sleep disorders medicine as well as registered polysommnographic technologists.

The Sleep Disorders Center provides treatment for:
- Insomnia
- Sleep apnea
- Narcolepsy
- Restless leg syndrome
- Sleep walking
- Sleep terrors
- Nightmares
- REM-sleep behavior disorder
- Sleep-related epilepsy
- Periodic limb movement disorder

Neuromuscular Disease Clinic

Physicians and staff at the clinic provide diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting peripheral nerves and muscles in older adults, such as muscular dystrophy and ALS. Please call for an appointment.