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Stroke Risk Assessment

You can evaluate your risk for stroke by exploring your family history and personal lifestyle. While some risk factors such as age, family history, gender and race cannot be controlled, some can. If you have high blood pressure, work to control it. Lower your cholesterol and fat intake, exercise regularly and talk to your doctor about any concerns you have.

Find out if you're at risk for stroke by taking our risk assessment quiz. While increasing age is a risk factor, stroke can happen to anyone, at any age.

Below are indicators that will help you evaluate your risk for stroke. Check all that apply to you and find out if you're at risk.

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You are over the age of 45
You are a woman
You or someone in you family has suffered a stroke
You have high blood pressure (140/90 or higher)
You have high blood cholesterol (240 or higher)
You smoke
You have diabetes
You don't exercise regularly
You have heart disease or other heart problems
You have a diseased carotid artery
You've had one of more transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) or "mini strokes"
You have a high red blood cell count
You are overweight
You use illegal drugs
You drink alcohol excessively (Men: 15+ drinks/week; Women: 12+ drinks/week)
You live in a climate of extremely hot or cold temperatures