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Treatment Team

Our treatment team at Ohio State's Comprehensive Transplant Center is a unique blend of professionals leading their fields, all specialized in transplant medicine. Our team surrounds the patient to create a unique, patient-centered model of care available at few other centers around the world.

We will help manage your care before, during and after your transplant. Your transplant care team includes:

Transplant Hepatologist: This doctor, who specializes in liver transplants, will follow you before, during and after your transplant. He or she will complete a physical exam and discuss what additional testing is needed in order to prepare you for your transplant. He or she may perform your liver biopsies after your transplant.

Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Office (614) 293-6255

James Hanje, MD
Robert Kirkpatrick, MD
William Lee, MD
Douglas Levin, MD
Anthony Michaels, MD​

Transplant Surgeon: This doctor will perform your liver transplant surgery. He will discuss the risks and benefits related to the surgery and assist you in understanding what to expect after receiving the transplant.

Sylvester Black, MD, PhD
Elmahdi Elkhammas, MD
Mitchell Henry, MD

Infectious Disease Physician: This doctor who specializes in infectious diseases will follow you before, during and after your transplant to reduce risk of infection.

John Davis, MD, PhD 
Stanley Martin, MD 
Nicole Theodoropoulos, MD​

Mid Level Provider: A medical provider who is not a physician but is licensed to diagnose and treat patients under the supervision of a physician.

Marsha Bendle, MSBS, PA-C, Physician's Assistant - Transplant Surgery

Advanced Practice Nurse: The advanced practice nurse holds an advanced degree in nursing. He/she works closely in collaboration with your physician to help ensure continuity of care throughout your admission in the hospital and facilitates transition to outpatient care. He/she participates in your plan of care by ordering and monitoring diagnostic tests and treatments. He/she can respond to urgent needs, and diagnose and treat problems if they arise. At the end of your hospital stay, the advanced practice nurse assists you by providing educational tools and resources necessary to continue success with your transplant once you are discharged.

Gerald Arnold, MS, APRN-BC, ACNS - Post Transplant
Pamela Kibbe, CNP - Pre Transplant
Cynthia Sleppy, CNP - Pre Transplant

Transplant Coordinator: The nurses who will be your primary contact from the time you are referred for a transplant evaluation throughout your care at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. They will help answer any questions you may have and assist you throughout your transplant experience.

Pre-Transplant Coordinators: 

Tara Bautista, RN, BSN, CCTC​
Sandy Frabott, RN, CCTC, CNN
Lindsay McDonnell, RN, CCTC
Amber Swayne, RN

Post-Transplant Coordinators:  

Julie Luebke, RN, BSN
Marilyn Moor, RN, BS


Brandie Snyder, MA

Social Worker/Psychologist: These professionals meet with you to evaluate your psychological readiness for transplantation.

Kim Ansley, MSW LSW
Pat Goff, LISW-S
Megan Huck, LSW
Melissa Skillman, LSW
Kristin Kuntz, PhD​, Transplant Psychologist

Transplant Pharmacist: A transplant pharmacist is a pharmacist who specifically works with patients who have received a transplanted organ. This pharmacist has been trained to understand details about anti-rejection medications, works closely with your transplant physician to help manage your medications and helps answer medication questions you may have.

April Delahunty
Holli Winters

Pharmacy Patient Assistance Coordinator:  The Medication Assistance Program offers assessment, linkage and referrals for assistance to patients who need certain medications and have high co-pays or no prescription drug coverage. Types of assistance include Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs, Co-pay Assistance Foundations and charitable organizations. It is very important for you to contact the Liver Transplant offices as soon as you or your caregivers are aware that there will be medication coverage issues.

Stacy Morton (800) 626-2538

Pre Transplant Phone Numbers:

Long Distance: (800) 293-8965
Local: (614) 293-6724
Fax: (614) 293-6710

Post Transplant Phone Numbers:

Long Distance: (800) 626-2538
Local: (614) 293-8746
Fax: (614) 293-6720