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College Volunteers

College students registering to volunteer with Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center have the opportunity to volunteer at University Hospital, Ross Hea​rt Hospital, University Hospital East, OSU Harding, and ambulatory sites. Volunteer positions for college students are given on a semester basis. Please note: we have a separate observation hours program option. Students wanting to obtain observation hours for applications to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or Radiology programs should apply through our observation hours process, not the volunteer program.


  • Volunteers serve in three main ways: assisting staff in patient care areas, providing information and service to families and working in clerical or office capacities. 

What Is Required?

  • A sincere desire to help others and provide a service to the patients, visitors and staff of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

  • A commitment to volunteer a minimum of one three-hour block of time per week. You will not be placed unless you have at least a three-hour block of time available in your schedule. Most volunteer positions are available Monday - Friday from 7 a.m.- 7 p.m. There are limited evening and weekend opportunities.

  • College volunteers should be in the process of attaining a two or four-year degree. 

  • Volunteers are required to comply with seasonal flu policy. See flyer for semester specific information.​

  • Volunteers are required to purchase a volunteer uniform at a cost of $22 + tax.

  • Criminal background check (required if you receive an assignment).
    • Photo Identification and proof of social security number are required for a criminal background check to be performed (student visas are acceptable for international students).
  • Attend a general volunteer orientation (required if you receive an assignment).

When Is Registration?

New college volunteer registration happens on one designated day at the beginning of every semester. For more information about college volunteer registration, download fall semester PDF​. Details about the criminal background check and orientation will be given during registration.

Note: We randomize all applications before giving placements so there is no advantage to coming early to the registration and no penalty for arriving later. We only accept applications during the registration. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications once the registration is over.

Where Will I Be Placed?

We understand that students wish to volunteer in departments corresponding to their majors. We typically have a large number of returning volunteers each quarter, and they are given first priority for volunteer placements. For this reason, new college volunteers are placed in departments that have the greatest needs during the days and times the volunteers are available. Additionally, while we try our very best to place every student who applies, volunteer assignments are not guaranteed. There are typically more students interested in volunteering than our program can accommodate. The more flexible your schedule, however, the greater your chances are for being placed. Another way to improve your chances of being placed is if you are able to drive to an off-site – see below.

Students with cars who are willing to drive:

We have a particular need for student volunteers with cars who are willing to drive to their volunteer assignment. University Hospital East, CarePoint East and other ambulatory sites are important service areas for us and have great volunteer assignments available. If you are willing and able to drive to your volunteer assignment we strongly encourage you to indicate that on your registration. Most locations are only about a 15 minute drive and have free parking available.

For more information, call Volunteer Services at 614-293-8653 or e-mail