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Therapy Observation Opportunities

The OSU Wexner Medical Center is pleased to provide opportunities for students applying to Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy programs that require observation hours as part of the application process.
This program is not to determine career interest, but to fulfill a specific application requirement. It is the student’s obligation to know their program’s requirements and to obtain the documentation form(s) the program requires prior to the start of observation hours. We can accommodate a limited number of students; therefore, we encourage students to begin the observation process at least six months in advance of their application date.
Listed below are the sites at the Medical Center that provide observation opportunities and the contact person. You can only have one observation placement at a time. Please do not call or email all departments at once.
To begin the process, contact the site that is your first choice and wait for a response. Be prepared to provide the contact with information on the program you’re applying to, your availability and time frame, and your contact information. Since many of these contacts are therapists, they may often be away from their desks with patients. Please allow a minimum of 48-72 hours for a response. If your first choice cannot accept you, then contact your next choice.

Inpatient Opportunities

Acute Care Rehabilitation: Located on main campus. Serving inpatients at University Hospital, Ross Heart Hospital, and The James Cancer Hospital. Observation hours are limited to Monday thru Friday, 8am – 12noon. No Weekends.
PT: Andy Dawson, andy.dawson@osumc.edu
OT: Laura Dinan, laura.dinan@osumc.edu
ST: Sarah Strigari, sarah.strigari@osumc.edu
Dodd Rehabilitation Hospital: Dodd Hall is an inpatient rehabilitation hospital specializing in TBI, SCI, Stroke and other neurological disorders. Observation hours are limited to Monday thru Friday, 9am - 3pm; No Weekends. NOTE: Dodd is not accepting observers until Spring Semester 2015.
OSU East Rehabilitation: Located on East Broad Street and Taylor Avenue on the East side of Columbus. OSU East has both inpatient and outpatient therapy departments. Observation hours are limited to Monday thru Friday, 8am – 4pm; No Weekends.
PT: Andrew Morris, andy.morris@osumc.edu
OT: Margaret Mary Boyd, Margaret.Boyd@osumc.edu​​
ST: Julie Grilli, julie.grilli@osumc.edu
Harding Hospital:
OT: Michele Reynolds, Michele.reynolds@osumc.edu

Outpatient Opportunities

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Kenny Road: Located on the 2nd floor of the Pavilion at Morehouse Plaza, 2050 Kenny Road. Outpatient Rehab specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation, SCI, TBI and Stroke. Services in include: Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Driving Rehabilitation, and Social Work. Lydia Bohannon, lydia.bohannon@osumc.edu.
Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Gahanna, 551 YMCA Place, Gahanna, Ohio. Specializes in PT, OT, ST Observation. Contact is Megan Bemiller, megan.bemiller@osumc.edu
Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Powell, 7798 North Liberty Road, Powell, Ohio. PT, OT, ST. Lydia Bohannon, Lydia.Bohannon@osumc.edu
Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center, The Oncology Rehabilitation Department at The Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center specializes in the treatment of cancer patients at any point along the plan of care continuum and also the treatment of cancer related and non-cancer related lymphedema. PT Observation hours available Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm.
Contact Laura Perkins, PTA, at 614-293-0043, laura.perkins@osumc.edu
Hand and Upper Extremity Center, OT Hours available. 915 Olentangy River Road, Suite 3200, Columbus, OH 43212, Marcie.Heslop@osumc.edu
Comprehensive Spine Center, 543 Taylor Ave. The Spine Center specializes in a multidisciplinary approach to outpatient treatment of orthopedic spinal conditions. Hours for Physical Therapy observation are Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm.
Jennifer Belu, (614) 293-0780, (614) 293-0780, jennifer.belu@osumc.edu
CarePoint East Physical Therapy, Located at 543 Taylor Avenue. OSU CPE PT, offers observation opportunities in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. Hours for observation are Monday through Friday from 8am – 4pm No Weekends.
PT: Jason Moore, Jason.Moore@osumc.edu
NeuroRecovery Network, Located in Room #1054, Dodd Hall. We are a specialized outpatient clinic that provides locomotor training for patients with spinal cord injuries.
PT: Mike Young, mike.young@osumc.edu
OSU Student Health Services PT, Located at 1875 Millikin Road, next to RPAC facility on campus.
Pam Bork, (614) 292-0130 Bork.7@osu.edu

Sports Medicine Opportunities​

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation: Physical therapy clinics emphasizing sports medicine and outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation. Eight sites provide opportunities for PT observation. Contact the clinic directly for availability.
Downtown: Lori Hilfinger, lori.hilfinger@osumc.edu
Stoneridge: Lois Bernhardt, (614) 366-9324 or mailto:lois.bernhardt@osumc.edu
CarePoint at Gahanna: Lori Deshetler, lori.deshetler@osumc.edu
CarePoint at Lewis Center: Michael Martin, (614) 293-1008
Grove City: Brianne Rice, (614) 293-1068
Hilliard: Adam Gerkin, (614) 293-6384
Morehouse OSU Campus: April Bullinger, April.bullinger@osumc.edu

OSU Student Health Services:
1875 Milikin Road, next to RPAC facility on main campus. Pam Bork, (614) 293-0130 Bork.7@osu.edu